“What’s the Title Bro?”

So on the Senior’s last day of Film, Kody and Brian are here signing off. We would just like to say that the Film Festival meant a lot to us, and we were very happy with the result of our movie The Put Back. Overall it has been a very successful year, we made a crowd pleasing movie, earned seven nominations in total, and the the silver lining was that¬†we won music trivs. Throughout this year we had our ups and downs, fights and friendships, and Brian snapped a few times, but we both enjoyed our time on the Strawberry Crew. We are anxiously awaiting what our younger strawberry members will do in the future. Sean, Jimmy, Maggie, Julz, we are very excited to see what we taught you and how you can use it next year. We also would like to say thank you to all the other members of the Film Festival, you are like a family to us, and a lot of you are our closest friends. Finally we would like to thank Mr. Alan, because of him this festival is possible, everything that we have and have done is because of him. It feels weird to be leaving the Film Festival, but we know we have left a legacy, and we know that the younger kids will continue on the great tradition that is the film festival. We won’t remember all the equations and vocabulary words we did in high school, but we will remember the friends and the lessons we have learned from things like the Film Festival.

Our final quote ever:

“When a dandelion dies, it’s not the end, its the beginning for a worm and the mid-life crisis of an elk.”

This is Brian and Kody signing off for one last time…

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March 12th

Hey y’all!
This week, Kody is out from Wednesday to Friday due to MASC. Unfortunately since he is one of the three main characters in our movie, we cannot do much filming these next few days. Therefore, our crew has been doing lots of editing, blogging, tweeting, and organizing in Kody’s absence.

Another road block in our filming is that today, Thursday, is Senior Skip Day; thus, Pat is out today. Overall I think our crew is having a very productive week though! Jonah is doing lots of organizing, as well as writing a blog post as well to get it out of the way for the term. Yesterday was Brian’s 18th birthday… Happy Birthday Brian!!!!

In the next few weeks, we are doing a lot of filming during class and after class as Spring starts to arrive. We also will be re shooting some shots or improving on some ūüôā

-Maggie Brousaides

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The crew is intensely editing some footage right now. Things are coming to  a close.  The film is moving closer to the point of completion.

Kody is on a student council trip and has been MIA for the last two days. He is also supposed to be absent tomorrow.

Maggie is simultaneously writing a blog post.

It is lunch block. The sky is blue, and it is clear out also. However, the colder temperatures have returned.

BK’s corner is up and running special thanks to the strawberry crew specifically Jimmy King.

Strawberry out.

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Over February break the crew managed to shoot 7 scenes. The production is coming along. We came in second in the Oscar Pool, and as a result we regained our lead, thanks to a great crew effort. Kody is currently being taught how to use his litter box and is learning a lot from what we have heard. He has had issues getting to the litter box so further assistance was needed to help him for everyone’s safety and well being. As we speak Maggie, Julia, and Sean are editing. Brian is scheduling our further shoots that will take place very soon and we are very excited to do these next scenes. Jabuticaba group seems to be behind us as usual. But hey no shock there.

Pat Donovan and Jimmy King


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Not in School

Hey everyone it’s Brian from the strawberry crew. First I must respond to recent accusations of the Cucamelon crew. There is no soviet influence in this crew. We succeed in music trivs because of pure talent not communistic ideals.

These slanderous accusations will not be taken lightly as we are currently launching an investigation into these activities. We believe that there is some sort of conspiracy involving the opposing crew.

This week, we are picking up our safe from Ace Locksmith. ¬†Can’t wait to see it! ¬†Also, we are meeting with Mr. Imbusch to shoot the scene with him and Clyde. ¬†We’re hoping he’ll do awesome!

“Keep on rockin’ in the free world.” -Neil Young

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a superior blog post.

Hi everyone! 

This is Mike here from Strawberry crew. Today is our first day back from our snow days. We have not had class for over a week. This week we are shooting tomorrow and friday! Hurray!

Brian, Kody, and Dono are M.I.A ūüė¶

“On the walk to school there is an open man hole in the sidewalk” (the great one). ¬†Be aware!¬†

Mike out.

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I have Elton of things to say!

I am currently watching the snowflakes fall like a Tiny Dancer in the Dance Company. Today I learned the Crocodile Rock with Ms. Cunnane and I told Mr. Imbusch to Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and say that you cannot film next Tuesday during period 6. With this snow I feel like a Candle in the Wind trying to schedule a time to film. Maggie is playing really good songs on playlist and if you ask her she will play Your Song next! Yesterday, I was telling a story about my friend Ben when we were at the Patriots game to my other friend Brian. I remarked how Bennie and the Jets both screamed overhead before the game started. Bennie is a Rocket Man and he can fly as fast as jets can. Filming is going well and I cannot wait to film the homeroom scenes with the freshman Daniel, I mean Joey. Thanks for reading!!


Kody McCann signing off.

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Snow Day Dilemma 2015

Hey guys, Pat Dono here!

We have got a real dilemma this week with the anticipated snow day, as do all of the other groups. Tomorrow, Walpole and surrounding towns are expecting to get a few¬†feet of snow. Today, my Strawberry crew members and I will be shifting events on the Shooting Schedule to re-organize the upcoming weeks. Moreover, today in class Brian and Kody went downstairs to meet with Mrs. Pace to brainstorm an “electricians” outfit.¬†Photo on 1-26-15 at 1.10 PM #2

As you can see, I’m really having a great time watching the snowflakes flurry down!!

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Whadup Strawberry luvurs!

This week, Strawberry Crew filmed Rishab and his posse. ¬†Rishab killed it, especially for it being his first time on screen. ¬†Just a pure natural. ¬†His posse was extremely enthusiastic, especially Dan Mullen. ¬†The kid doesn’t have an ounce of shyness in his body. I LOVE IT!

Yesterday in class, we finished shooting our Rebel Closet scene. ¬†It went well and we can’t wait for you all to see it.

Brian and Kody are continuing to put in work editing.  They rock and are the best directors eva.

Jimmy, Maggie, and I have finally finished shot lists on Google Docs. ¬†We just got the app on our phones and it’s AWESOME! ¬†It helps us keep organized and it’s so efficient. ¬†Technology these days…

Can’t wait to film in and out of school next week!

Stay awesome,

As the young rock said to the billy goat: “If you can’t take the heat than turn down the stereo and listen to me as I create images using only a feather pen and a shred of cheese”


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January 20th-24th Week

Hi all,
This past week, we shot a few scenes including numerous staff, in different locations. Additionally, Brian and Kody have begun to edit what we have. This week Julz, Jimmy, and I are continuing to make lists for scenes and shots on Google Sheets in order to keep more organized. Further, we can view these lists on an app Brian has recently downloaded. We plan to continue shooting after school this week.

Now let’s talk about Music Trivs. We lead the crews in this category. Star music triv players on our team include Brian, Kody, Julz, Pat, and me. Unfortunately, Jimmy has not gotten any yet this year… we hope he steps it up to put us further in the lead!

Last week, we were challenged to a Laser Tag dual by Jabuticaba. We accepted. The date is TBA.

-Maggie B.

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