I have Elton of things to say!

I am currently watching the snowflakes fall like a Tiny Dancer in the Dance Company. Today I learned the Crocodile Rock with Ms. Cunnane and I told Mr. Imbusch to Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and say that you cannot film next Tuesday during period 6. With this snow I feel like a Candle in the Wind trying to schedule a time to film. Maggie is playing really good songs on playlist and if you ask her she will play Your Song next! Yesterday, I was telling a story about my friend Ben when we were at the Patriots game to my other friend Brian. I remarked how Bennie and the Jets both screamed overhead before the game started. Bennie is a Rocket Man and he can fly as fast as jets can. Filming is going well and I cannot wait to film the homeroom scenes with the freshman Daniel, I mean Joey. Thanks for reading!!


Kody McCann signing off.

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