“What’s the Title Bro?”

So on the Senior’s last day of Film, Kody and Brian are here signing off. We would just like to say that the Film Festival meant a lot to us, and we were very happy with the result of our movie The Put Back. Overall it has been a very successful year, we made a crowd pleasing movie, earned seven nominations in total, and the the silver lining was that we won music trivs. Throughout this year we had our ups and downs, fights and friendships, and Brian snapped a few times, but we both enjoyed our time on the Strawberry Crew. We are anxiously awaiting what our younger strawberry members will do in the future. Sean, Jimmy, Maggie, Julz, we are very excited to see what we taught you and how you can use it next year. We also would like to say thank you to all the other members of the Film Festival, you are like a family to us, and a lot of you are our closest friends. Finally we would like to thank Mr. Alan, because of him this festival is possible, everything that we have and have done is because of him. It feels weird to be leaving the Film Festival, but we know we have left a legacy, and we know that the younger kids will continue on the great tradition that is the film festival. We won’t remember all the equations and vocabulary words we did in high school, but we will remember the friends and the lessons we have learned from things like the Film Festival.

Our final quote ever:

“When a dandelion dies, it’s not the end, its the beginning for a worm and the mid-life crisis of an elk.”

This is Brian and Kody signing off for one last time…

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