Strawberry Crew News

Hey its Jonah (Jimmy) from the Strawberry crew and this is your weekly blog post. Kody and Brian have started shotlisting and Margaret Brousaides and Julz have made Mood maps for the characters. We do not know where the heck Pat went soooo there’s that. Also the acting studio has met twice, and Music Trivs is just getting started. Work is being done!!!!

“When one Publish’s a blog one must do three things, one must not use the word one, one must proofead, and one must allow the freedom of the great stork to carry your blog like a baby in a blanket to the fatherland”

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Good Looks

Photo on 12-4-14 at 1.52 PM


Just wanted to show how attractive we are as a crew, this is Brian signing out for now, stayed tuned for more magic.


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Hello People

Welcome to the blog of WHS Film Festival’s Strawberry Crew. We will be producing “The Put Back” a film that will change film. We are currently in preproduction and have edited our script. Soon we will conduct casting so if you are a talented actor and want to be in our movie please contact us. In the near future we will announce when our auditions for our film are.

Thank you

The Strawberry Crew

And as the not so wise owl named Joan said this one time “Northwestern is the Northeastern of California” -Joan King

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