March 12th

Hey y’all!
This week, Kody is out from Wednesday to Friday due to MASC. Unfortunately since he is one of the three main characters in our movie, we cannot do much filming these next few days. Therefore, our crew has been doing lots of editing, blogging, tweeting, and organizing in Kody’s absence.

Another road block in our filming is that today, Thursday, is Senior Skip Day; thus, Pat is out today. Overall I think our crew is having a very productive week though! Jonah is doing lots of organizing, as well as writing a blog post as well to get it out of the way for the term. Yesterday was Brian’s 18th birthday… Happy Birthday Brian!!!!

In the next few weeks, we are doing a lot of filming during class and after class as Spring starts to arrive. We also will be re shooting some shots or improving on some 🙂

-Maggie Brousaides

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